Jesika and Joseph

Happy Anniversary Jes and Joseph!

First off I want to wish my sister Jesika and my brother-in-law Joseph a Happy 1st Anniversary. They got married exactly a year ago from today and I am still extremely happy for them. I had the pleasure of photographing their special day. It was definitely a crazy experience seeing as I was also the Best Man as well.

We had two AirBNBs close to Downtown San Diego, which was really convenient to the days prior when we went out exploring and adventured at night. We had people coming from all over since most of the groomsmen served with Joseph in the Air Force, and a lot of our family coming from either the Bay Area or the Philippines. We had a pretty awesome group of people in the bridal party and I definitely feel lucky to have been a part of it.

The ceremony was at the beautiful Mission San Diego de Alcala. It was such a crazy thing to see my sister walking down the aisle as I looked through the lens. She did look absolutely stunning though. It was definitely an emotion filled time.

Jes and Joseph are definitely a delight to shoot. I have been shooting with them since they first started dating. Also I’ve been shooting my sister from the first day I picked up a camera. We are both hella comfortable with each other, so we can all be ourselves.

The reception was probably was probably the most emotion filled part of the day. With all the family being able to greet the new happy couple, my dad dancing with my sister, and just a whole bunch of family spreading the love. It went by so quickly but it is safe to say everyone had a good time!