about me


I am where I am today because of dance. I used to be a part of competitive dance team before I fell in love with visual storytelling. After a while of being in front of the lens for photo shoots and dance videos, I ended wanting to switch sides and start documenting my life and those around me. I still get happy feet when I hear the right song, so you best believe I’ll be dancing with you on the dance floor. If can already guess, dancing at the reception is favorite part at any wedding.

Asides from dancing during your wedding, I will most definitely cry during the mother-son dance. Without fail, it is always waterworks for me. As important as those type of special moments are for you and your partner, I can’t help but think about my special day as well. Sharing special moments like these with you and yours, it makes me feel so connected to those I work with.

Jean-Richard Perez

Filmmaker | Photographer

IG: @jeanrichardperez

EMAIL: jeri@jeanrichardperez.com